Opening Nights Performing Arts

Opening Nights Performing Arts is Florida State University’s fine and performing arts series – whose mission is to engage the university, local, and global communities in creative experiences. The series presents world class performances with events ranging from film premieres, dance, musical guests, comedy, theatre, and more.

I’m proud to have been a co-creator of the refreshed identity of Opening Nights and to have created all marketing content for the 2014-2016 seasons.

Each year, Opening Nights reveals their year-long lineup of new performances via a comprehensive season brochure which outlines the details and dates of each event. Following the brochure are three programs broken up into each performance season: fall, winter, and spring. The season programs feature comprehensive biographies of each artist or company, musical schedules (if applicable), photos, and advertisements from various sponsors and patrons.

2015-2016 Season Brochure

2015-2016 Fall Program

 2015-2016 Winter Program

In addition to the annual programs and brochures, I’ve designed static & digital billboards, posters, advertisements, invitations, mailers, maps, and signage, which promoted individual events or the series as a whole. Opening Nights showcases a cohesive social media presence and spotlights branded posts which further strengthen the art series’ visual identity.

ON™ wordmark by Marc Thomas

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